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Improve Your Customer Experience with
“Pay At the Table” Capability

With our “Pay at The Table” wireless solutions , your guests no longer have to wait for their server to bring back their cards. Servers can quickly and easily take credit and debit card payments right at the table whenever guests are ready to leave. This leads to a more satisfied and enhanced customer experience. Our customer-facing payment solutions for the hospitality industry will take you out of the costly payment security compliance business. This allows you to stay focused on the business of providing great service to your guests.

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Mobile devices are changing the way customers at table service restaurants in particular interact with your business.

The days of diners handing over personal credit cards to wait staff at restaurants are extinct. Secure mobile payment acceptance and customer interaction provides convenience and a new, enhanced service for your customers. Simply put, customers want to keep their credit and debit cards within their sight and possession.

  • Convenience and mobility for enhanced customer experience
  • PCI compliance, EMV Certified and increased cardholder security
  • Improved efficiency for customers and servers alike
  • Complete Payment integration into your existing POS Platform possible

We’re ready with solutions to help you accommodate this growing opportunity to provide end-to-end payment solutions that can be integrated with your existing POS platforms, and providing your customers a convenient payment interaction with your establishment.

woman paying with her phone

National Payments offers some of the most reliable, secure and fast wireless point-of-sale terminals available today.

  • Increase profitability and table turns: move diners through your restraurant quicker
  • Enhance customer service: create more ‘face time’ with your customer, while creating the opportunity for add-on sales that increase both check amount and tip
  • Improve customer satisfaction: enable customers to pay immediately without having to wait for their server to return credit or debit card
  • Improve operations: enable your customer to enter tip at the time of authorization and eliminate the need for end of day tip adjustments
  • Increase efficiencies:  Less Back and Forth time for servers between tables and POS stations .
  • Avoid traffic jams by eliminating the need for servers to walk to a POS terminal to process the transaction
  • Decrease labor costs: Pay at The Table capability allows you to assign more tables to each server without compromising service
  • Increase security: eliminate the opportunity for identity theft and skimming by allowing customers to keep site of their credit card at all times

Let us show you how wireless solutions can help your business grow and improve payment efficiencies within your establishment.

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