Creating Valuable Partnerships In The Canadian Hospitality Sector With Our Dedicated Service & Support

Over the last 5 years alone, National Payments has saved its merchants over $3 Million in reduced credit card processing fees vs their previous processor. 

credit card processing in canada


Offering The Most Advanced And Secure Credit Card Authentication Solutions In The Payments Industry

✓ Our optimised cost structure with dedicated support team for payment processing Canada ensures that you will directly benefit from our ability to provide outstanding value & savings on your credit card processing

✓ The efficient structure at National Payments ensures hands-on resolution of all your queries and concerns

✓ Furthermore, we truly care about your business and will do everything we can to champion and resolve any issues on your behalf.

✓ Additionally, our ever-expanding suite of POS hardware solutions are fully Chip Card compatible, future proof with intuitive functionality, and ultra-fast processing capabilities.

✓ Payment Processing Canada: Our unique hands-on and “on-site” approach is unmatched. We will provide your business with the most informed guidance and support to ensure that our POS solutions remain virtually unsurpassed in terms of reliability and speed in Canada.

✓ Unmatched Heroic Service & Support

✓ Best Value with an Optimised Cost Structure

✓ Most Advanced Authentication Solutions

✓ Enhanced Security – PCI Compliance 

✓ Reduce Processing Risk & Exposure

✓ Stress Free On-Site Implementation


    credit card processing in canada
    Unmatched Expertise in Hotel Industry

    We Know Hotels

    National Payments is the only merchant service provider in Payment Processing Canada industry that specialises in Hotels for credit card processing.
    At National Payments, we are able to offer the most extensive arrange of EMV Chip & Pin integrated with Hotels Property Management systems (PMS) in Canada. Our team is highly experienced with implementing and activation of EMV Chip & Pin with the leading hotel PMS systems including:
    Opera , Synxis, Maestro, ONQ, Lightspeed, Amadeus, Spring Miller, WEB REZ PRO, Resort Suites, Stay N Touch, RoomMaster (Innquest) Skytouch, among others.   
    ✓ Dramatically increase guest check in speed
    ✓ EMV Chip & Pin Solution Interfaced with Your PMS
    ✓ Seamless Transition, Proven Track Record for Payment Processing Canada
    ✓ In Addition, get optimised cost with highest value than anyone else in Canada
    ✓ And eliminate chargeback losses due to Fraudulent card use for card present transactions
    ✓ Moreover, we offer on-site implementation- to ensure smooth and seamless implementation
    ✓ Outstanding track record of superior service and support
    Michael Strong

    Chief Operating Officer

    Billion Dollars
    Saved To Date
    Years of
    Client Reccomendations

    Large portfolio of hospitality merchants in Canada

    Ready to provide your hotel/business the most advanced end-to-end payments solutions available for both 
    card present and card not present environments.

    ✓  Highest value & optimised cost structure

    ✓  Most advanced card authentication technology

    ✓  On site implementation

    ✓  Unmatched track record and merchant testimonials