Eliminate Chargebacks Due to Fraud.

Discover the better way to handle card-not-present transactions tailored for your business. Benefit from lower risk & cost, secure & highly efficient solution. 

Canadian Business,

We understand: managing card-not-present transactions for your customers, or 3rd parties while minimizing chargeback risk is challenging for you and your team.

Traditional paper-based credit card authorization forms are time-consuming and vulnerable to fraud. Customer data, including sensitive information like IDs and credit card details, is at risk of compromise.

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Engaging in back-and-forth via scan/fax while handling paper-based authorization forms can be frustrating for everyone involved.

Moreover, handling payments this way exposes your business to growing costs related to fraudulent transactions, chargebacks, and higher card processing fees.

Canadian businesses are facing record levels of chargeback fraud for card-not-present transactions, when processing credit cards manually/keyed-in, etc.  

Your concerns are valid, and we’re here to provide a solution that not only addresses them but transforms your payment experience.

Introducing Converge Billing & Invoicing – a tailored solution designed to dramatically reduce your processing risk and costs associated with card-not-present transactions.

“We adopted Converge as a secure payment method, replacing conventional credit card authorizations. Since implementing it, we’ve experienced a notable reduction in the risks associated with chargebacks and fraudulent payments. Additionally, the platform is exceptionally user-friendly, offering a broad array of settings that empower administrators to manage individual access effectively. I highly recommend Converge as a solution for third-party payments.”

– Director of Operations


How does it work?

  1. With a click of a button, an email is sent to the customer instantly which contains a link to their online invoice.
  2. When the customer views their invoice and verifies that everything is correct, they simply click the pay now button and enter their credit card information.
  3. Converge Hospitality, using 3DS2 technology, then authenticates that the person making the payment, is the actual cardholder.
  4. Once the cardholder has been authenticated and is approved, the customer and business receives instant confirmation of payment.
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ID Check with Friction
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ID Check with Friction

"...but I am already using another digital authorization platform"

No other digital authorization platform:

- Let's you send invoices, bill and process CC transactions ALL in one platform
- Validates card holder information using NAME, ADDRESS, CVV, and 3DS2
- Validates cardholder is the actual one authorizing the CC transaction
- Virtually eliminates fraudulent chargeback risk

Converge Billing & Invoicing is the ONLY solution available in the market today that can do all the above in one single platform.

All that with Over 50% lower monthly fees vs Canary or Sertifi.

Converge Hospitality

Less Than Half

the price of competing solutions

  • 3DS2 authentication | ability to authenticate the person paying is the actual cardholder
  • Qualify for lowest cost interchange rates   
  • Virtual elimination of chargebacks due to fraud
  • Billing is "month to month"   
  • No cancellation fees
  • Live Body support 24/7
  • Level 2 escalation support available
  • Fully PCI-Compliant
Choose Converge

More Than Double

the price of Converge Hospitality

  • No 3DS2 Authentication functionality | only address and CVV validation.
    • Highest interchange rates apply (keyed-in transactions)
      • Merchants are susceptible to fraudulent chargebacks
        • Billing is Annual ( 12 months paid in advance)
          • 12 month commitment
            • Initial support - Email
              • Not available
Or lose money

Fraud Prevention with 3DS2 Technology


Converge integrates the most advanced technologies to authenticate
that the person making the payment, is the actual cardholder and hence, shifting the liability of the transaction to the issuing bank;
virtually eliminating chargebacks.


Advanced Security Measures


Our Converge-hosted solution prioritizes security, employing multilayer measures to safeguard sensitive card data at every stage of the payment process, ensuring a secure transaction environment.


Using the Converge authorization security checks list, and the two-factor security check, the property is capturing payment and in a very secure manner by debiting the guest’s account prior to arrival.   

The use of the security features prevents fraud in a very busy Downtown property.  

The National Payments team is extremely business-focused and supportive throughout the entire process and continues to check in on the property to ensure any questions we might have.  

– Director @ DoubleTree by Hilton


Enjoy Faster, Easier PCI-Compliance


Our Converge-hosted solution prioritizes security, employing multilayer measures to safeguard sensitive card data at every stage of the payment process, ensuring a secure transaction environment.


“Converge is an exceptional solution for card-not-present transactions. It is a user-friendly, easy, and trustworthy solution for us as we know our funds are safe and all payments are authenticated. Without hesitation, I would highly recommend Converge to any establishment engaged in card-not-present transactions.”

Front Office Manager


“Our integration partner, National Payments, is the premier merchant services provider for Canadian hotels. They can save processing fees and provide unmatched service and support, including enhanced security and the most advanced solutions.“

Virtually Eliminate Fraudulent Chargebacks for Card-Not-Present Transactions

In 2023, Canadian businesses saved $,000’s by switching to Converge with National Payments.

All Payments Supported

Smooth Transactions, Delighted Customers

  • Authorize and Process Card-Not-Present Payments, All Under One Platform: Effortlessly handle credit card authorizations & 3rd party payments for card-not-present transactions, reducing stress for all parties.
  • Unlimited Transaction Amounts: Process any amount in one click, with Converge you break free of any limitations.
  • 3DS2 Authentication Technology: Enjoy the confidence of the most advanced cardholder authentication measures, protecting your business from the threat of fraudulent chargebacks when dealing with card-not-present transactions.

Converge Lets You Enjoy the Lowest Interchange Costs in Canada.

Reduce MC Interchange fees by up to 25%

If you are processing credit card payments for 3rd Party Payments with your PMS systems by keying in card numbers or using a competing digital authorization product, then you are unnecessarily paying up to 0.50% more on every MasterCard transaction.

“It (Converge) not only ensures secure processing but also stands out for its efficiency and user-friendly interface. We’ve seamlessly integrated Converge for our companies that use Card-Not-Present as their preferred payment method. This system makes invoicing and tracking credit card transactions so seamless.”

General Manager


Streamlined Solutions for Accountants, Owners, and Managers


Eliminate losses due to fraudulent chargebacks for card-not-present transactions, & attract incremental customer transactions, resulting in increased revenues.

Finance Team

Superior merchant support is available 24/7 for any business finance members, ensuring quick resolution of issues. In addition, Level 2 support is also available.

Customer Facing Team

Benefit from operational efficiency through an easy to use billing platform for all team members who need to process card-not-present transactions for their customers or special events.

“No other payment processing companies have the expertise and knowledge in credit card processing like we do. We take pride in our ability to provide merchants with the absolute best payment gateway & customer service in the North American Merchant Marketplace. National Payments truly cares about its clients, and if there are any issues to be resolved, our team is committed to tackling them quickly and efficiently.”

Michael Strong

COO National Payments


Converge is a stand-alone solution, and can be used in tandem with any software your business is using today, providing virtually a "plug-and-play" activation. Full training is provided.

There are no hardware requirements needed for Converge. We provide all necessary credentials, access and training for a smooth go-live activation.

Yes, Converge comes equipped out of the box with many customization options, including your business's logo, color scheme, terms & conditions, refund policy and much more. 

No. Converge is uniquely built to leverage the lowest interchange costs 
available from the card brands - Mastercard & Visa. 

3DS2 (3D Secure 2.0) is an authentication solution designed to protect customers when they shop online using credit or debit cards. The purpose of 3DS2 is specifically to prevent a shopper’s credit or debit card from being used without their authorization.

3DS2 offers an extra layer of security, which also reduces the likelihood of customer chargebacks. In the rare case of a chargeback occurring, having your customers using 3DS2 means liability is shifted away from your business to the card issuer. 

Converge is equipped with an automated settlement feature, which can be timed to close out batch at the timing of your business's choice for settlement.

Converge equipped with 3DS2 technology can authenticate that the person making the payment is the actual cardholder. As a result, our hoteliers have not lost a single cent due to fraudulent chargebacks. 

Converge is built for businesses and is a feature-rich solution with the ability to process payments for a wide range of transactions including guests, corporate needs & special events.

Converge solution is supported by Live Body technical support 24/7 to deal with any technical issues. 2nd Level Live Body support is available to deal with any issues that need escalation.

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Month-to-month subscription.
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Month-to-month subscription.
Billed in C$.
No cancellation fees.