National Payments specializes in payment
processing within the Hospitality Industry

Reduce Processing Fees & Risk Immediately

With EMV Chip & Pin PMS Integration

National Payments specializes in payment processing within the Hospitality Industry

Reduce Processing Fees & Risk Immediately

With EMV Chip & Pin PMS Integration

National Payments can now provide your hotel the most advanced payment solutions available anywhere in Canada fully integrated and interfaced with your Property Management System

Large portfolio of hospitality merchants in Canada

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Front Desk - EMV Chip & Pin - Key Benefits

✓ Dramatically lower processing fees with EMV Chip & Pin authentication
✓ Eliminate Fraudulent Chargeback losses for card present transactions
✓ Enhance Payment security with tokenization and encryption of data
✓ Improve Guest Check in speeds at front desk
✓ Significantly Reduce PCI Scope requirements
✓ No Longer handling customer cards over the counter in this sensitive times

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Front Desk - EMV Chip & Pin With "Dynamic Currency Conversion" Option

✓ All benefits of the EMV Chip & Pin, PLUS
✓ Equipped with Dynamic Currency Conversion - enables your guest to pay in their local Currency
✓ Significant new revenue stream to your hotel
✓ Earn 1% on all foreign Visa and MC volume spend on those guests who elect to pay in their local currency

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✓ Lowest Cost Provider

✓ Most Advanced Authentication Solutions

✓ Enhanced Security- PCI Compliance 

✓ Reduce Processing Risk & Exposure

✓ Unmatched Heroic Service

✓ Stress Free On-Site Implementation



    Make THE MOVE

    Reduce MasterCard interchange fees by 20%

    EMV Chip & Pin Solution Saves You Big Money

    Here are the official rates from Mastercard for mag-swipe vs. Chip & Pin users.

    Make THE MOVE

    Earn 1% On All Foreign Currency Transactions

    Dynamic Currency Conversion with EMV Chip & Pin solution allows your hotel guests the option to pay in their home currency, providing a significant new revenue stream for your hotel.

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    Why Hotels Choose Us


    We have the widest range of EMV Chip & Pin integrated PMS solutions for hotels in Canada than anyone else.

    On-SIte Conversion

    Our unique "hands-On approach makes it easy to switch and ensure a smooth and seamless approach.

    Lowest Cost Provider

    Our low cost & efficient structure ensures that you will benefit from our ability to provide superior savings on your credit card processing business.


    Outstanding track record of superior service and support with unmatched customer testimonials.

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      reliable & safe

      Go Wireless

      ✓  Convenience and mobility for enhanced customer experience

      ✓  PCI compliance, EMV Certified and increased cardholder security

      ✓  Improved efficiency for customers and servers alike

      ✓  Lightening Fast transaction authorization times

      ✓  Complete Payment integration into your existing POS Platform possible

      ✓  Wireless transactions average sub four second response.

      ✓  Add capability to better manage your checkout process.

      ✓  Enable “Pay at The Table” capability for enhanced customer experience

      ✓  Give customers the comfort of controlling the use of their own cards in person.

      ✓  Eliminates annoying waits for servers to return with cards and receipts

      ✓  Less “Back and Forth” time for servers between tables served and POS Stations

      Customer paying bill through smartphone using NFC technology. Closeup of hand making payment through contactless machine. Woman hand holding mobile phone with green screen and paying the bill with contact less technology.