We Know Hospitality


We Know Hospitality

From pay-at-the table terminals to POS solutions that sync with property management systems, building payment-processing plans for businesses in the hospitality industry is certainly our forte. National Payments is proud to have the hands-on knowledge of customized solutions for hotels and restaurants in-house, matched with relationships of our many industry leading hospitality partners.

The time to go wireless is now

No matter the type of your hospitality business, customers increasingly demand both convenience and a secure experience when it comes time to pay.

Enhance the customer experience while enjoying full PCI compliance and improved efficiency for your business. Full Service restaurants and other hospitality operations such as bars, pubs and lounges can provide an engaging and interactive experience at the point-of-sale with the use of a portable, wireless terminal.

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Mobile devices are changing the way customers at table service restaurants in particular interact with your business. The days of diners handing over personal credit cards to wait staff who walk away to their nearest server station at restaurants are obsolete. Secure mobile payment acceptance and customer interaction provides convenience and a new, enhanced service for your customers. Simply put, customers want to keep their credit and debit cards within their sight and possession.

Our wireless solutions offer:

  • Convenience and mobility for enhanced customer experience
  • PCI compliance, EMV Certified and increased cardholder security
  • Improved efficiency for customers and servers alike
  • Lightening Fast transaction authorization times
  • Complete Payment integration into your existing POS Platform possible

We’re ready with solutions to help you accommodate this growing opportunity to provide end-to-end payment solutions that can be integrated with your existing POS platforms, and provide your customers a convenient payment interaction with your establishment.

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  • Wireless transactions average sub four second response.
  • Add capability to better manage your checkout process.

Better customer experience

  • Enable “Pay at The Table” capability for enhanced customer experience
  • Give customers the comfort of controlling the use of their own cards in person.
  • Eliminates annoying waits for servers to return with cards and receipts
  • Less “Back and Forth” time for servers between tables served and POS Stations

National Payments offers some of the most reliable, secure and fastest wireless point-of-sale terminals available today. Let us show you how wireless solutions can help your business grow and improve payment efficiencies within your establishment.

Time to go wireless now