Creating Long Term, High-Value Payment Partnerships In The Canadian Hospitality Sector

We offer the most advanced payment authentication solutions available designed to reduce your processing risk and be able to leverage the lower costs now being made available by MasterCard and Visa Card brands. Essentially creating a Point-of-Sales Payment environment that will provide the highest value at the lowest cost


At National Payments, we hold payment security as our priority. That’s why we make a proactive effort to help provide our merchants everything they need to keep their business protected – from achieving PCI DSS compliance accreditation  securing your customers’ data throughout transactions. 

In today’s credit card processing environment in North America, National Payments firmly believe that we are in a uniquely qualified position to best provide hotels an optimized cost & risk management program to help manage their risk better than anybody else.

We believe that there are four key pillars to a low risk, and cost effective card processing platform.

Those existing hotel properties that are still processing credit cards via mag-swipe are at serious risk of card data being compromised, plus the additional costs associated with chargeback’s that cant be disputed due to fraudulent credit card transactions and or non-EMV processing.


  1. Cost
  • True Interchange Plus pricing is not only the most consistent and transparent price model, but it also results in simple, easy to understand monthly billings
  • Avoid Interchange Differential or Blended Pricing models which are less predictable and result in more complex billings
  • Monitor Transaction fees, Assessment fees, and Licensing fees against your initial quote

2. EMV Chip & Pin – Card Present Transactions

  • Select EMV, Chip & Pin compliant terminals that ensure tokenization of card data
  • Select POS/PMS systems that integrate tokenization into your card transaction practices
  • Avoid keying in credit card data , or using mag-swipe, as processing costs will be dramatically more expensive then EMV
  • Avoid using magnetic swipe outside of an EMV compliant POS/PMS system; THEY can’t steal what you don’t have

2A. 3DS2 – Card Not Present Transactions

  • For e-commerce and Card Not Present transactions
  • Ensure that card processing solution offers 3DS2 card authentication
  • 3DS2 is essentially the EMV Chip & Pin of card not present transactions and most advanced authentication solution available
  • 3DS2 built-in. 3DS2 technology authenticates consumers prior to authorisation, virtually eliminating chargebacks and shifting the liability for fraudulent transactions to credit card issuing banks
  • Provides a more frictionless experience for cardholders, and less cart abandonment
    Avoid keying in credit card data , as processing costs will be dramatically more expensive

3. PCI

  • With EMV, Chip & Pin compliant terminals, and POS/PMS systems that ensure tokenization of card data, you are ready to obtain your annual PCI certification
  • This certification provides you independent assurance of low-risk card processing
  • Merchants that do not have PCI certification could be facing significant cost burden and higher risk

4. Best Practice

  • Tokenizing your card transactions is an essential step in the risk management process, but it may not be enough
  • Your card processing practices, reservation booking, no-show billings, and card not present practices need to comply with ‘best practices’ to not only minimize card data, and card use fraud, but to minimize chargebacks
  • In many cases, chargebacks can be avoided through the disciplined adoption of best practices
Prevent fraudulent activities


We help provide your business the best in industry practices and recommendations to significantly reduce costly chargebacks from your profit center, and help improve your bottom line.

It’s this approach that has lead to a proven and excellent track record with our merchants for chargeback reduction and prevention. We have refined our experience in chargeback prevention and best practices, and innovative templates to better assist your business with refuting chargebacks and improving your bottom line.

Each merchant is a truly valued client of ours, and we work hard to earn your trust and confidence through superior customer service and proactive tool kits on a day-to-day basis.

No one else in the industry can match our commitment for chargeback prevention guidance.

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